I Left My Heart in Education

My journey in education began many years ago, when I was still in elementary school.  I loved school, and I loved my teachers, but I really loved workbooks.  Silly, I know. My aunt once gave me a stack of old workbooks and textbooks and I felt like I had won the lottery.  On my final day of 3rd grade, I was allowed to stay late and help my teachers clean out their rooms.  They gave me stacks of workbooks, and I couldn’t have been happier. For some reason, my parents had a few old desks in the garage—the metal all in one desk that had room to store your belongings under your seat and the writing space was half the width of your seat but at least it had an arm rest.  If you grew up in the 70s, you know exactly what I’m talking about. On a hot summer in San Antonio, I asked my neighbors to come over and play school.  They came, and we played school in the garage, but at some point lost interest.  Because I was already a teacher in training, I refused to let them leave until they finished their assignment. After all, I was one or two years older than most of them.  There must have been arguing because my mother came into the garage and forced me to let them go home. I was pretty angry at my mother, but I love this story because I believe my passion for education began at a very young age.

Fast forward some 45+ years, and I am still as passionate about education as I was that summer in San Antonio long ago. My focus has changed, and throughout my journey my passion has had some low points, but I have yet to grow tired of learning about learning, or learning about teaching, or working with students. I can spend hours watching webinars, reading about new programs, learning about technology, or anything I can find that will help me improve my craft. It energizes me.

I invite you to join me on my blogging journey as I explore current trends in education while reflecting on my past experiences.  I will explore such topics as teacher burnout, teacher attrition rates, and bureaucratic hurdles while keeping my core focused on my passion for education. After all, it is the passion within each of us that led us to education.

I hope you’ll come back to visit again!


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